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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring, maybe???

Finally, the sun is shining. Makes me smile...a lot.
Been to the doctor's today about my knees. Got a cortisone shot in my left knee, hopefully will help with the pain and the walking. Saw my x-rays...didn't look good. Both knees have osteoarthritis bad!!! Doctor said insurance company usually won't do surgery unless other options have been taken first. So, will see what happens.

Been stitching up a storm. Have several finishes to show. Maybe the weather will cooperate and I can get pictures soon.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catch up with my stitching time

Canvas work....colors are exactly right as pictured..about 2/3 done
Sanman Originals Merry Dinkle Doodle SAL
Novalee02 Easter SAL pt. 1 done.
Maryse Dupont SAL January done except for the word January..the original is in French...waiting to get enough letters so I can do in English.
Leopardess and Cub by Dyan Allaire. Three full pages done...6 to go.
Have a few others I have been working on too, but no pictures yet. Will take care of that this coming weekend!

I hope to post more this year...just have to do it!!!!!!!!

If anyone reads this....welcome to my world.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Been doing some serious thinking.....

A lot of blogs I've been reading lately has the owners doing giveaways of stash they no longer want or need. I think it is time for me to do the same.

So, I have many Precious Moments patterns that I know I will never ever do!!!!!

I will give 5 patterns each to the first 5 responders to this post. (USA please...sorry can't afford to send overseas). If there is a particular pattern book you have been hunting for, I will try to include it in your set if you win!

I will be doing the drawing on my husband's birthday, (or after the 5th name is posted), April 20th, so let the list begin!

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

August and it is almost over

I've been keeping quite busy, with my needlepoint, cross stitching, crocheting and knitting. I have so many things going right now that I can't decide what to work on. I also have my quilting which has been very sadly neglected!!! Everytime I think about working on it, I see something else I would rather be doing. I guess i'll never be a true quilter!!! I love the results, but not all the work to do it. Maybe that will change, but not right now.

I've been down to Florida to see my Grandson Alexander, 6 days old when I saw him for the first time. He is a beautiful baby, looks an awful lot like John. It was wonderful being able to hold him. Everyone has always told me that there is nothing like having Grandchildren, and I guess they are right. It is a wonderful new experience. Just wished they lived closer. Takes 2 days for us to get to Florida and 2 days back.

We just don't have that much free time that we can take from work, because we are self-employed. David did a great job while we were gone though, took a lot of pressure off Bruce and he could enjoy himself.

Well, that is all for now...going to take some pictures tonight and hopefully get them posted to this blog to show what I have been working on for the last few months.

Bye for now.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

May and it is beautiful outside

Have just been going thru some blogs and decided to stop here for a visit.

I've been knitting up a storm. I am doing a cabled shawl with pockets for a friends wife who has cancer. I don't really like pale pink which is the current cancer symbol color. I'm doing it in Mauve which is really pretty. I have the pattern memorized, so it is easy to do now. Still have to mark down the rows though I'm planning on doing this pattern again, it is so pretty. I'm using a yarn that is 25 % wool and 75 % acrylic. Have not been having any trouble working with it, thank goodness.

I AM going to get my camera out shortly and get some updates on some of my work. Several of the designs previously posted have much more done on them. I'm also working on my Sister Sue's wedding design. It is only 4,5,6???? years overdue. Don't have a whole lot more to do on it...better get moving faster. She is going to be in our area in a little over a month, would be nice to be able to give it to her then.

Well, back to work.....


Friday, March 13, 2009

SAL 3/13

I hope someone is joining me in my stitching tonight. I am working on my Leopardess and Cub, pictures coming probably tomorrow, when it is lighter in the house.

Joanie R.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

March of 2009 already

Well...did it again. Ignored my own blog because I spend so much time read everyone else's.
I've been very busy since Christmas. I have at least 10 different projects going right now. Also, I have started quilting. I know....another hobby!!!! But, I am having fun with this.

The quilt is done in Christmas fabrics. Would you expect anything else???? With how much I love Christmas?????????

Anyway, it is just stunning with the colors I have. Solid dark blue, red and green with gold stars, blue with stars, red with stars, green w/stars, and green with christmas bulbs. Will try to post a picture...hard to imaging how wonderful the colors are without a picture.

My portable DVD player died last night, after many, many moons of using it. My husband is trying to get an old laptop computer going, because we can not afford to replace the mini
DVD play right now. Not having a whole lot of luck on the computer though. My son came thru the kitchen and made the comment "you know, I could dig out mine, I never use it anyway", duh.........or my laptop computer that is out in the care and I never use anyway.

So, i'll be up and running tonight with borrowed unit until the economy gets better. I always use one when i'm stitching on a major project like the main one I am doing now. It is a Dyan Allaire..Leopardess and Cub. There is tons of black and white on it. Can anyone say boring????
Oh well, I promised my sister Sue I would do it, and I am . Of course, it might take me a year to do.

Well, that is all for now. I'll try to get back here sooner next time.

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